Thank god, as we collectively breathe a sign of relief: lockdown 3.0 is over, we can finally emerge from the comfort of our now very familiar shells and see the light at the end of what feels like Gotthard Base tunnel! But what now? While we’re more than ready for that trip to the Maldives or perhaps more like Marseille, it’s probably not possible for a little while. So as we settle for a staycation, we realise that Sandbanks and Salcolme are probably out of budget and a day trip to Clacton is more what our bank statement can allow. Yes, we didn’t go on those many holidays we had booked last year, but we did upgrade our car, re-do our kitchen and have our driveway done too. We’ve only got ourselves to blame!

With the Beast from the East 2 a thing of the past and spring well on it’s way (or perhaps not), this weekend we did what Brits do best and had a good ole spring clean. Out go the coats that no longer fit, in the bin with the many holed socks and up to the loft with the ski gear… But, what to do with the Wii console, acoustic guitar and overlocker that are too expensive to just throw away? Really, we don’t want to sell them – the twice yearly use of the Wii is great fun, the overlocker comes in very handy the few times it’s needed and the guitar brings out the Bob Dylan in me when I feel like jamming – but for the rest of the time sitting on the shelf gathering dust, it just feels like they are being wasted! The answer? Rent it out.

Luckily I’d heard of RentMy being piloted in the Manningtree area. Result! A quick look at the website showed me the process and the addition of a deposit and their checks to ensure I am who I say I am, really settled my mind against the niggling question ‘but what if something is stolen?’ So I signed up. As soon as I was verified I got listing and oh my, I found many many items around the house that could earn me some money. Hello Sandbanks, Maldives or even that handbag I’ve been eyeing up for several months!

I’ve listed our tent, the strimmer, an old stepladder, both our paddle boards and even our bikes, as well as the Wii console, acoustic guitar and overlocker previously mentioned. With all the items earning between £10 and £80/day I don’t think it will be long before I’ve made their advertised £5000 a year and for very little effort my end! Bonus. I’ve loved meeting the other local people renting my items, as well as routing through my cupboards, shed and loft to see what else I could list – you might say I’m now a RentMy addict, but hey if it gets me one plane ticket closer to the Maldives I’m all for it!

Inflatable 4-Man tent £50/weekend

Petrol strimmer £40/weekend

Stepladder £70/week

Paddle board £20/day

Mountain bike £80/day

Road bike £40/day

Wii console £70/week

Acoustic guitar £100/weekend

Overlocker £50/weekend